How we met:

Abbey and Elaine have been friends since Junior High and met through their Junior High school cheer team. They continued to cheer together and then went on to coach at their Junior High once graduating from High School! They both discovered a passion for photography and decided to put their photo taking and editing skills together to create Atmosphere Photography.



My love for photography started after I graduated high school and went on a month-long road trip around the west coast. I documented everything through pictures and since then I've grown as a photographer and with editing as I've traveled across North America and Europe, taking pictures and posting them on blogs and social media every step of the way. But even more fun than taking pictures of monuments, is taking pictures of people! I wanted to start up Atmosphere Photography as a way to capture moments between people, and Elaine shared that passion with me, and as a result, Atmosphere was born!


I have always been interested in taking photographs of the people and things around me but I was walking through downtown Calgary one day and I noticed that a camera store was having a store wide sale on camera's. From the moment I bought my first camera I was obsessed! I began taking pictures of everything and discovered that I was pretty good...Now my camera is with me everywhere I go! I am so excited to partner with Abbey in this endeavor!


We are a photography duo and we specialize in people centered photos including engagement, wedding and family photos! Atmosphere Photography is owned by Abbey Peterson and Elaine Rosery, two photographer friends from the Edmonton area who decided that two photographers are better than one! For inquiries email or fill out a contact form!